I'm Michael Ploughman and I am a Fullstack Developer, Linux Enthusiast, and all around Tech Nerd.

You can reach me at:

I'm a full-stack dev who finds excitement in solving a problem that has stumped me or others. I love the challenge of coding new things and the constant learning and growing required to do so. I look forward to joining a team of world-class developers to learn from and contribute to.

Outside of work/programming, I am an avid gamer, reader, and Linux distro hopper. I also like to find time to enjoy the outdoors, whether that be camping, taking a drive up mountain roads, or checking out the night sky.

Current Tech Stack

Techs I'm currently learning or want to



Node Package Manager Manager (npmm) is an app designed, with developers in mind, to help you keep track of your favorite npm packages. With the addition of the Node CLI package, npmm allows you to seamlessly integrate collections into your project’s workflow.


A cookbook for the modern cook. This project is a solution to keeping one's recipes in a basic note taking app. This is a purpose built app for collecting recipes, modifying them, noting changes you've tried, etc.


An app to find bars and breweries and map out your pub crawl. Built for those that enjoy a good pub crawl.


A simple quiz app that guides the user through a series of questions. It keeps track of which question the user is on and score.